W ith a strong tradition and vocation in the development of the design and manufacture of all our products and services, WWI has engineers specialized in corrsosión, naval arquitect & marine engineer and structural, which makes it possible to undertake a wide range of projects in the fields of corrosion, maritime and industrial.

WWI engineers are specialists in maritime, offshore & onshore cathodic protection.

When designing a structure, whether it’s a new one, a retrofit modification or a life extension, it is important to ensure full cathodic protection throughout its entire design life. This is achieved through a proper cathodic protection design, where the required amounts of anodes are calculated, and anode placement is determined.

We hold a large team of experts, with experience from deep waters to onshore facilities, and from case studies to research and development.

Engineering & Consulting

We provide CP design and evaluations of jackets, subsea structures, pipelines, FPSOs, semi submersibles, wind foundations, caissons and other confined areas, chain connectors and more. Our design and modelling experience combined with on-site inspection allows us to keep CP retrofit cost at a minimum, as well as ensuring optimal operation.

Engineering & Consulting

Our services within CP design include:

  • Traditional CP design with both impressed current and sacrificial anodes
  • CP design verification
  • CP retrofit design
  • Anode protection range and attenuation calculations